Demon represents for us the essence of elegance.

With a modern line, powered by an electric motor ranging from 250W up to 1000W, DEMON is our top-range e-bike, often found on boats, used to drive around ports in an effective and eco-friendly way. It is the bike of those who live their lives facing their priorities head-on, of those who arrive at the office, ditching it on the fly in the hall. Its almost excessive rims give it an impressive appearance, a bike that burns rubber because it is in a hurry to get there. Its led lights light up the path because it does not want obstacles. The wide grip handlebar reacts to your intentions, because DEMON knows perfectly well that your time is precious but also that your success is obvious. Demon has an imposing beauty. It never tries to please, it is aware of itself and this nourishes its ego. It does not want to go unnoticed, on the contrary… it will do anything to be noticed and while passing by it will show everyone its pointed lines which shove all air resistance away to the side.

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