Icaro wants to be a “dandy” of the bike.

ICARO is inspired by the Harley Davidson model from the early 1900s, which also had pedals to start it. We followed its frame, the tank, which houses the ion battery, the control unit which governs the various functions; we copied its headlamp system embellishing it with leather elements and a few modern and useful gadgets. ICARO is not an e-bike, it’s a way of being, it’s a way of expressing a personal style with discretion, knowing that you cannot go unnoticed. Whether it is completely black, or any other colour, or whether it has contrasting leather inserts or rear saddlebags, ICARO will take you to your destination, to the office, downtown for a drink, conquering and avoiding the traffic. You can drive your ICARO in your blue pinstripe suit, as well as in jeans and a bandana.  You can drive it in a more careful and casual manner thanks to its 250W motor with pedal assistance or you can whiz through traffic using the accelerator, driven by a 350, 500 or even a 1000W electric motor.

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